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A+ Turf Health System

The A+ Turf Health System integrates complete nutrition with an exclusive turf programming tool, all supported by patented technology and a performance guarantee.

Foltec provides foliar nutrition in combination with field proven bio-enhancements that help maintain healthy turf throughout the year.

Foliar feeding with Foltec is most effective when applied at low water volume rates. This ensures that nutrients "stick" to the lead surface for optimal uptake and absorption into the leaf tissue. This is especially beneficial for immobile nutrients such as Ca, Fe, Mn, and Si found in Foltec Fortify.

UltraMate SG contains a combination of humic and fulvic acids, which provide a variety of soil and plant health benefits.

These carbon based organic acids allow plants to utilize applied N, P and micronutrients more efficiently, UltraMate SG also contains 14% potassium and 6% sulfur, and is the perfect complement to any liquid applied fertility program.

Roots and root hairs extend through the soil and soil solution to take up plant nutrients.

Applications of Contec DG or SmartPhos DG quickly disperse into the soil and maximize nutrient contact and uptake by roots. This enhances nutrient efficiency and provides flexibility in application rates. 

Turfgrass managers typically encounter both sand based/constructed growing systems and native soils. 

Humic DGBlack Gypsum DG and Biomend DG​ are designed to improve soil structure, increase nutrient efficiency, and stimulate beneficial soil microbes. Humic DG and Black Gypsum DG are also effective in reducing the negative impact of soil sodium and salts often associated with poor quality irrigation water. 

Studies from leading universities have shown the benefit of a baseline nutrition program utilizing a combination of granular (soil applied) and foliar nutrients to optimize overall plant and soil health. 

The A+ Guarantee

We are so confident in our A+ Complete Turf Health System, we stand behind it with the A+ Guarantee.

The A+ Complete Turf Health System is designed to deliver total turf nutrition with guaranteed results. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of our system, we will make it right. It's as simple as that.

To qualify for this guarantee, the turf manager must be actively planning their annual nutrition using the Ultra version of the Turf Nutrition Tool.

If the turf manager is not satisfied with the performance of our A+ Complete Turf Health System:

  • Contact Contact your local Andersons Territory Manager or Distributor Sales Representative.
  • Review The Andersons Territory Manager, with the Distributor Sales Representative will review the nutrition plan and verify the execution and performance of that plan.
  • Evaluate - The Andersons representative will evaluate the performance of the A+ system, making the necessary product or plan adjustments to get the turf back into satisfactory condition.

Baseline Nutrition

Baseline Turf Nutrition is considered to be a basic level of nutrition that helps the turf plant withstand the pressures of disease, insects, traffic, and stressful weather conditions. 

Determining the correct amount and balance of nutrients is essential to turf health. Other factors to take into consideration are the turf type, the length of growing season, climatic conditions, and the amount of wear the turf is exposed to.

Soil testing and plant tissue analysis are valuable tools that can be used to develop a turf nutrition plan.


Cool Season Turf

Cool season turf generally requires a higher percentage of its nutrition to be delivered in the spring and autumn, with moderate needs during the summer months. A Baseline Nutrition Plan includes soil-based granular applications throughout the growing seasons. Foliar nutrition is then applied to complement granular baseline nutrition, especially during the summer, when turf can be under stress.


Warm Season Turf

Warm season turf generally requires a higher percentage of its nutrition to be delivered during the period of late spring through early autumn. A Baseline Nutrition Plan includes soil-based granular applications throughout the growing season. Foliar nutrition is then applied to complement granular baseline nutrition. 


Humic DG, Black Gypsum DG and UltraMate SG can be used throughout the growing season to improve soil health and increase uptake and utilization of soil and applied nutrients.

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